Calling all faith bloggers out there!

Religion News Wilmington is looking for around 50 local volunteer bloggers on all subjects of faith to join this site and begin creating a buzz about faith topics around the Wilmington area.

Now you may be thinking, 50 bloggers, that’s a lot! But the whole point of having many contributors to this site is that we will bring a diversity of faith voices, perspectives and news coverage to the table.

So what do I mean by blogger?

First – We’re looking for folks who are deeply interested in a philosophy or faith or an issue that intersects with religion and want to write about it.

Second – We’re asking those folks we choose to write a minimum of six posts a year. Sounds do-able, right?

Third – I just need to have a chat with each blogger about their focus and get a head shot for the web site.

And because Religion News Wilmington partners with Religion News Service, our bloggers’ most brilliant pieces could get picked up and printed in publications nationwide.

Soon, I’ll be introducing our first writers focusing on women’s spirituality, American Catholic history and religion and education and Buddhist activism.

If you’re interested in being a Religion News Wilmington blogger, give me a ring at 910-471-9152 or email me at


What do you think?

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