Belief Bytes: Your daily Religion News Roundup from Religion News Service

Each day, Religion News Service sends out its super-witty round-up of religion stories throughout the United States on its blog.

It calls the feature Religion News Roundup by RNS writer Daniel Burke. We’ll be publishing a teaser of that feature on this site each day and linking back to Religion News Service as well.

So look for the Belief Bytes post each day here on Religion News Wilmington.

Tuesday’s Religion News Round-up excerpt:

“Some mixed signals coming out of Charm City yesterday, where the nation’s Roman Catholic bishops are holding their semi-annual meeting.
The U.S. bishops vowed to defend their religious liberty, particularly against the perceived incursions of the Obama administration.
Bishop William Lori led the charge, saying that “law and culture are indeed establishing un-religion as the religion of the land.”
New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan backed him up, decrying a society-wide “drive to neuter religion” and “push religion back into the sacristy.”
(While the bishops were meeting, Catholic Charities announced that it was ending its legal battle over gay adoptions in Illinois and will no longer provide state-funded services.)”

Read more about Bob Jones III’s view that President Obama is not Christian, news on a new Buddhist app and the FBI’s 2010 hate crime statistics report at Religion News Service.


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