Belief Bytes: Thursday’s Religion News Roundup

Thursday’s Religion News Round-up, courtesy of Religion News Service’s David Gibson.

An excerpt:

“Occupy Wall Street protesters are on the move in Manhattan and elsewhere, and clashes with police are being reported.

A banker-turned-Hindu monk says his OWS comrades need to meditate, not excoriate:

“Anger won’t solve anything,” Rasanath Das, a former New York investment banker, tells Reuters. “We have to work from the heart… there is so much distrust now.”

Rod Dreher has a thought experiment: What if NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg had evicted the bankers, and issued a statement similar to the one he put out this morning?

“During the operation this morning, the bankers were told that they could return to the economy after it had been thoroughly cleaned, which it has not been since the 1930s.”

So a debate was held this week in Manhattan on the proposition: “The World Would Be Better Off Without Religion.” Shockingly, the audience in the end agreed with the atheists, who had an unfair advantage: British accents.”

Read more about Benetton’s Pope-kissing gaffe and a Bavarian ice church in the today’s RNS blog entry.


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