Lifepoint Community Church’s “big news”? It’s getting its first home.

By Amanda Greene
Religion News Wilmington

For most of this week, the web site of Lifepoint Community Church held the banner: “Biggest Announcement Ever!”

Under that read the tag line: “this Sunday at Lifepoint Church.”

And no, it wasn’t the announcement of the coming birth of the babe laid in a manger.

At Sunday’s morning services in the Roland-Grise Middle School auditorium, Lifepoint’s Senior Pastor Jeff Kapusta, let the secret loose: one of Wilmington’s fastest growing nondenominational Christian churches is getting its first home in a former furniture store at 3534 S. College Road.

After years of meeting and outgrowing spaces at a high school and a middle school, the church will fill out a space of its own.

On Lifepoint’s Frequently Asked Questions section of its web site, a building for the congregation was a possibility but not a promise.

The mission came first.

“First of all, we think a church is about the people inside, not about the building. God has given Pastor Jeff a vision to reach this city and should the building fairy happen to stop at Lifepoint along the way and make an offer, we’ll gladly accept,” the site said.

The building fairy has landed.

Pastor Kapusta posted this video about the new building.


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