Meet Laura Frank, our religious arts blogger

Our religious arts blogger, Laura Frank, brings a wealth of experience from her work with the Upper Room Theatre Company in Wilmington as well as working with military chaplains.

Learn more about her here:

“Laura has spent the last 15 years working in the field of ministry. She began as a contractor for Chapel Services as a Director of Religious Education on several military installations, working for Catholic and Protestant congregations. The large religious diversity present within the military and among their families gave the first experiences of working with different faith communities on a large scale. She purposefully worked to build ecumenical and interfaith programming and service opportunities.

She found expression through the arts to be the perfect means to facilitate communication, fellowship and individual expression of the divine. She started and lead theater and visual arts programs for the communities she served.

After her husband retired from the military, they made Wilmington their home. She recently worked for a local congregation as a Youth and Family Minister and started a vibrant theater program that lead her to co-found the first faith-based community theatre in Wilmington, Upper Room Theatre. Upper Room Theatre brought together individuals from over 20 local churches and synagogues from our area and raised money for local charities. She served as the Executive Director. She is working on new projects for 2012 to increase interfaith dialogue through all forms of art in our community. She has a B.A. in Philosophy and Religion.

Laura is a mother to six children and attends Saint Mary Catholic Church.”

Welcome Laura!


One response to “Meet Laura Frank, our religious arts blogger

  1. Look forward to reading her posts!

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