Meet Clay Ritter, our Bible teaching blogger

A self-described “techno-geek,” Pastor Clay Ritter, our Bible teaching blogger, also was a dirt bike racer. But he retired from Motocross in 2010 after a crash and two surgeries to his right leg.

Also, he “would totally be a missionary to Thailand just for the food!”

Learn a little more about Pastor Ritter’s life here:

“Clay Ritter is the Lead Pastor of Calvary Chapel of Wilmington, better known as “CCW.”  CCW is known as “the church that teaches through the Bible” because of their emphasis on teaching verse-by-verse through the Bible.

Clay and his wife Tammy have been married for more than twenty years, and they have four children who all live in the Wilmington area. Clay and Tammy both grew up in Raleigh, and have lived in North Carolina, California, and Japan, while Clay worked for more than 20 years in the telecommunications industry.

In September 2001, Clay and his family moved to this area to minister at Calvary Chapel of Wilmington. Tammy is also known as an exceptional bible teacher, leads CCW’s Women’s Ministry, and oversees the church’s coffee house and food pantry, Holy Grounds ( Perhaps the most unique thing about Clay and Tammy is that they met in 1985, in an outpatient drug rehab program! While this may seem like an odd beginning for a couple in ministry, both Clay and Tammy see it as a testimony of God’s redemptive power!

You can usually find Clay at the church (, or hanging out at Holy Grounds Coffee House (, or on Facebook (

Clays blog can be found at, and you can listen to his teaching ministry at .”

Welcome, Clay!


2 responses to “Meet Clay Ritter, our Bible teaching blogger

  1. The three basic spiritual foods for Christians to live a healthy life are:
    • Prayer
    • Fellowship
    • Word of God

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