Meet Han Hills, our humanism and atheism blogger

Han Hills is the only humanist I’ve ever met who really loves Christmas – sans the whole blessed babe part.

He also relishes the chance to talk about his reasoned unbelief and how to be ethical without religious influences.

Those are a few of the many reasons Han will be blogging about issues in humanism and atheism for Religion News Wilmington. He also loves answering any audience questions about atheist/humanist issues.

Learn a little more about Han here:

“Han Hills is the current president of the Humanists and Freethinkers of Cape Fear and is heavily active in a number of regional and national Humanist organizations, projects and initiatives.

Raised in a fully secular British family, Han now proudly calls the Carolinas his home. A lifelong atheist, he aspires to embrace life in the only world we will have, and take action each day to leave it better than we find it.

In the pauses between promoting understanding of the Humanist way of living, Han is a student of history, film, philosophy and the wonderful people he is lucky to have around him.”

We welcome you, Han!


2 responses to “Meet Han Hills, our humanism and atheism blogger

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  2. Han,
    Have you read Jennifer Michael Hecht’s wonderful book DOUBT: A HISTORY? I highly recommend it.

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