Belief Bytes, Dec. 22: Thursday’s Religion Roundup

Get the Religion Roundup for your Thursday here from Religion News Service’s David Gibson. Warning – heavy doses of sarcasm ahead.

Here’s an excerpt with links:

“Happy Solstice! Shortest day of the year today, and Pagans and Druids and others, oh my, enjoyed unseasonably warm weather as they danced around Stonehenge.

For we fathers of daughters, it’s time for another round of “Sunrise, sunset.

Washington Post blogger Alexandra Petri has fixed the Obama’s horrifyingly irreligious and un-American “holiday” card (or so Fox News and Sarah Palin said). That’s the new version above.

Because, you know, President Obama doesn’t know what Christmas is all about.

The New York Times reckons with Newt Gingrich’s concerns that Islamic Shariah law will overrun America like kudzu in a Georgia field.

Rick Santorum is for income inequality because Obama is against it. Pope Benedict XVI is against it too. But the pope is not voting in the Iowa caucuses.”

Read more of this post here.


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