What does the new National Atheist Party stand for? Reason in U.S. policy, of course.

Religion News Wilmington

When he’s not writing pieces for Religion News Wilmington, blogger Han Hills posts occasional podcast interviews with key players in the local and national Freethought movement on his site, Cape Reason.

This week, Hills posted an interview with Jacob Kramer, Vice President of Outreach for the National Atheist Party, a new American political party that formed in 2011 to represent the views of growing secularist movements across the country.

In the interview, Kramer said that the National Atheist Party “believes that policy should be based on evidence-based conclusions from experts and not cronies or people who have no experience in their field.”

He also said that the National Atheist Party encourages our nation’s policy makers to learn from successful government or health care models around the world.

“Socialism is not a dirty word for us though we’re not a socialist party,” Kramer said.

Check out the rest of the podcast at Cape Reason.

Amanda Greene: Amanda.Greene@ReligionNews.com


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