A post-Hanukkah rant by 13-year-old blogger Jonah Siegel

By Blogger Jonah Siegel

Well, this Hanukkah was the same as every other year.

Hanukkah lasts for eight days and nights. You should get a present once a night, but we couldn’t open our presents until Dec. 24!

My mom’s mom, Mimi, makes us open the presents on Christmas Eve. For my sister and I, this was just torture. We couldn’t wait 96 hours for something that was about to last for 50 minutes.

I am 13 years old and I still have no idea why we do it on that specific date!!! To make matters worse, us kids have to give everyone else their presents. That isn’t fun. My sister and I open our presents second. Then in about five minutes we are all done unwrapping our presents, and then we have to wait for the adults for about another 45 minutes.

The thing is, we sometimes get really big gifts, and that is always exciting. I say this because last year I got an iPod touch. My sister and I are happy for the gifts we got.

I love my family…even if we have to wait 96 hours and then another 45 minutes to play with our gifts.


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