Belief Bytes: Wednesday’s Religion News Roundup

Today’s Religion News Roundup is brought to you by Religion News Service’s Daniel Burke – with a teeny dose of humor aimed at the Duggar family of TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting.”

Here’s an excerpt:

“Admit it: You skipped the Iowa caucuses last night and watched Ted Haggard on “Wife Swap.”
That’s okay, we have your back. Here’s what you missed.
Mitt Romney beat Rick Santorum by less than half a Duggar family. If only they had 8 more kids! By 2016 Santorum should be golden.

Sorry, Rick, you’re still not the Catholic story of the day. That would be Los Angeles Auxiliary Bishop Gabino Zavala handing his resignation to the Vatican after admitting that he’s fathered two teenage children. Details are still sketchy.

Back to Iowa, Mark Silk breaks the numbers down and finds that evangelicals constituted 57 percent of the caucus voters, and a third of them voted for Santorum. Romney’s support among evangelicals, meanwhile, dropped by nearly a third, down to 14 percent, which means he still has an anti-Mormon problem, Silk concludes.

Ralph Reed says the fact that 60 percent of evangelicals voted for a Mormon or Catholic candidate proves that they “are a more sophisticated bunch” than most journos give them credit for.”

Read the rest of this witty post here.


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