Belief Bytes: Friday’s Religion News Roundup


Joan of Arc

Classical image of Joan of Arc. Image via Wikipedia

Religion News Service’s Friday Religion News Roundup is brought to us by editor-in-chief Kevin Eckstrom. And you’ll notice a reference to a Cameron Art Museum show in there, a story by Religion News Wilmington. Thanks, Kevin!

Here’s an excerpt:

“Up in Connecticut, Catholic officials are launching a new chapter of Courage, which aims to help gays and lesbians be “accepted, affirmed and supported” — as long as they remain celibate.

Seattle megachurch pastor Mark Driscoll — never known to be shy about speaking his mind — is getting grief over his new book (co-written with his wife, Grace) about sex and women. One blogger breathlessly calls it “an astoundingly unbelievable work of disrespect for women.”

Islam (support or criticism thereof) remains a touchy third rail on U.S. college campuses. And more than four in 10 Americans report that they have little time or use for things spiritual.

Down in North Carolina, collector William McNeill says his collection of more than 400 church fans is a window to a sweeter (and less air-conditioned) past.

Six people were killed when gunmen stormed a church in Nigeria and sprayed the place with bullets.

And birthday wishes to St. Joan of Arc — she turns a nice round 600 today.

Read the rest of the post here.


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