How do you find your spiritual fruits in a new year?

By Contributor Jenny Morris

Each New Year brings an endless amount of hope for each of us. As Christians, we all want to experience more of God’s goodness and listen carefully to hear his wonderful purpose for our lives. Unfortunately, many of the people I coach have some anxiety and doubt that the New Year will bring godly direction and purpose to their careers, security to their relationships or guide them successfully to develop bonds that will bring satisfaction. The answer to all these concerns is found in deepening our relationship with God.

One verse in the King James Version of the Bible that continues to flow through my thoughts comes from Hebrews 13:8:

“Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.”

As I have prayed and pondered this citation, the significance that greets me deals specifically with the New Year. Were there moments or even weeks when I felt that the presence and love of Christ were absent? Am I glad for this year to be over because next year can only be better? I ask myself these relevant questions. They provoke insights into how I am thinking about the upcoming year. What if 2011 had been a great year and you can’t imagine that next year could be equally as good?

We need to be sure that we are not outlining what that restoration looks like but be confident that God knows what will bless us most. What needs to be restored in your life? Are you telling God how to do this restoration or are you praying and listening for the actions needed to witness this restoration?

The most important aspect of this listening is to be expectant of his goodness and then be grateful even before we see results. Don’t be afraid to follow a path of inspiration received from prayer. If perchance you misinterpreted the insight received from prayer, God will be there to correct and guide you.


What do you think?

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