Carolina Beach business’ sign hails Tebow’s Christian example

Ronnie and Debbie Oldham stand in front of their sign supporting Tim Tebow's Christian message at their motel in Carolina Beach. Photo by Amanda Greene

Religion News Wilmington

Ronnie Oldham is very clear when you first ask him about the Denver Broncos’ born-again quarterback Tim Tebow.

Heisman-winning quarterback Tim Tebow has been one of the most outspoken Christian athletes to take the field, and will appear in an anti-abortion ad during the Super Bowl. Transmitted Feb. 3, 2010. RNS photo by Chip English/The Press-Register in Mobile, Ala.

“Now, I’m a (Dallas) Cowboys fan, but I’ve been watching him since he played in Florida,” the Carolina Beach, N.C., business owner said. Oldham likes Tebow’s spirit and his unflappable willingness to speak about his faith on the football field.

That’s why this week, Oldham and his wife Debbie, made their Tebow admiration public placing this message on their letter sign outside Dry Dock Family Motel on Lake Park Boulevard in Carolina Beach: “God Promotes the Faithful. Go Tebow.”

“It’s just real inspiring to us, as Christians, how he uses his platforms to talk about his Christianity,” Debbie Oldham said. “It’s not about the team we’re pulling for. It’s a much bigger issue than that.”

The Oldhams think of their business sign as a ministry to residents and visitors driving by. During the week, as sayings come to them, the Oldhams jot them down and stick them to their hotel desk for future signs.

Messages around Christmas reminded the public to keep Christ in the holiday. One of their notes at the desk said: “Jesus is here to help you, not judge you.” While another note said: “Love is giving up the right to be right.”

As to whether or not God is actually helping Tebow win football games, the Oldhams think it’s more about the fearless example the athlete is setting for Christians.

“You might ask, as many things as God can help do, why would he want to help Tebow win a ball game?,” Ronnie Oldham added. “We don’t want it to become, well if the Broncos didn’t win, then God didn’t favor him.”

The Oldhams just hope their sign provides encouragement. But just to be sure no one questions his team loyalty, Ronnie Oldham insisted on wearing his Dallas Cowboys jacket for a photo with the sign.


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  1. Thanks for sharing and God bless you. I wrote a piece on Tim about two months ago:

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