Are genetically modified foods a new form of slavery or a way of eradicating hunger?

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Cardinal Peter Turkson Image via Wikipedia

By Contributor Diana Pasulka

In a bold statement in the main organ of the Roman Catholic Church last week, “L’Osservatore Romana“, a prominent Catholic cardinal spoke out against the production of genetically modified foods.

In last week’s edition of “The Roman Observer,” Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana, said that making farmers reliant on seeds from large corporations like Monsanto seems like “the usual game of economic dependence.” He also said this “stands out like a new form of slavery.” (from an interview in Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano Jan. 5)

The cardinal made these statements after the Vatican hosted a conference in 2009 intended to weigh in on the pros and cons of genetically modified foods. Vatican officials are interested in scientific developments that could eradicate world hunger.

According to Turkson, however, the unintended and secondary effects of genetically modified crops would obviate its positive effects.

What do you think? Could genetically modified foods help eradicate the world’s hunger problems?


What do you think?

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