Belief Bytes: Your Thursday Religion Roundup

Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich. Courtesy of RNS archives.

From Religion News Services’ David Gibson, it’s mostly political news most of the time in today’s Religion News Roundup. I especially like the reference to Dylan Thomas’ lovely poem and the link.

Here’s a nibble:

Rick Perry, once the Great Evangelical Hope, is dropping out. Was he ever in it?

Perry reportedly will throw his support – and both his supporters – behind Newt Gingrich. That should ice it.

Tough day all around for Mitt Romney: Turns out Rick Santorum actually won the Iowa caucuses, so he can claim he is doing as well as Mitt – until Saturday, at least.

The churn brings us to our Existential Question-of-the-Day: Is the Religious Right dead or alive?

On life support? Or just kidding themselves?

If the Christian right is dying as a political force, it is not going gentle into that good night. To wit:

Romney’s four (now three) challengers ripped into him last night at a pro-life forum in South Carolina last night. Romney, perhaps wisely, was not there.”

For the full post/entree, click here.


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