Meet Samantha Freda, Religion News Wilmington’s first intern

Samantha Freda

Let’s just state this for the record.

I’ve never had an intern.

I’ve rarely had a fellow journalist with whom to share a beat.

So when recent University of North Carolina Wilmington creative writing graduate Samantha Freda agreed to be Religion News Wilmington’s first intern, I was super excited. Can you tell?

She’s intensely interested in learning and writing about a wide range of faiths, a key trait for what we do on this site.

But unlike some internships in journalism, Samantha won’t be getting me much coffee. We’re all about throwing our interns into the journalistic fire, so to speak.

Samantha will write a regular feature for us profiling area ministries and faith-based groups called Faith and Values Focus or FAV Focus.

And she’ll write some extra articles covering events as her time allows.

A few things about Samantha I was intrigued to discover:

Learn a little more about her here:

“Samantha Freda is a recent graduate of the UNCW Creative Writing BFA Program, with a focus in nonfiction. A New Jersey native, Samantha also took many religion and philosophy courses as she has always had a strong interest in spirituality. After being raised in a Christian tradition, Samantha gravitated toward Eastern philosophies as a senior in high school.

Samantha enjoys learning about the psychology of religion, mindfulness, and the subject of conscious evolution. Samantha is a member of Unity Christ Church of Wilmington and is a certified Oneness Blessing Giver. ”

Welcome Samantha!


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