Meet Cynthia Barnett, our Christianity and healing contributor

As a Christian Scientist, Cynthia Barnett believes in the power of prayer to heal. That’s one of the main reasons she will be our Christianity and healing contributor.

And as a blogger for Christian Science North Carolina, Cynthia has written about the healing power of music, clashing perceptions of feminine beauty between the red carpet awards shows and the Bible and depression.

Plus, she’s a fan of posting videos to illustrate her point!

Learn a little more about Cynthia here:

Cynthia Barnett has lived in Raleigh since 1985, having moved here from Connecticut. She’s married and has three adult children and one adult step-daughter.

Her husband is a senior chemist in Air Toxics for the state of North Carolina.

Among several careers, she has worked as the director of public affairs for North Carolina State’s Chamber of Commerce, as executive director for the NC Writers’ Network and is now the officially appointed representative to the media and legislature for Christian Science in North Carolina. Her official title is Christian Science Committee on Publication for North Carolina.

Welcome, Cynthia!


One response to “Meet Cynthia Barnett, our Christianity and healing contributor

  1. This is great to see this site include Cynthia’s writings. Thanks!

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