FCA joins with Chic-Fil-A foundation to send local coaches on marriage retreat

Religion News Wilmington

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Wilmington is teaming up with Chic-Fil-A‘s charitable arm, The WinShape Foundation, to send 10 area high school and middle school coaches and their spouses on a marriage retreat weekend in Myrtle Beach.

“Coaches spend so much of their time away from their families in the season, it’s a no-brainer to get to spend a weekend improving your marriage,” said local FCA director Hal Hiatt. He hopes to make the coaches’ marriage retreat a yearly event.

Couples will spend part of the “Weekend to Remember,” as it’s being called, in seminars taught through a local arm of the national Family Life Ministry, founded through Campus Crusade for Christ.

The coaches’ retreat is set for April 2022 at the Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center Hotel. Coaches only have to pay for meals and gas to get there.

Hiatt said FCA’s mission to minister to local coaches includes helping keep their marriages healthy.

For long-time Laney High School coach and teacher Alan Sewell and his wife Vicki, the trip was perfect. The coach calls his wife his “heart.”

“Vicki and I, we think alike. We seem to have gotten to the point now that we even have the same body pains,” he said. “But anything you can learn from others to help strengthen your marriage is a good thing.”

Sewell said when he was more active coaching football and wrestling, all of his weekends between August until the end of February were spent either practicing or taking kids to matches or games.

Vicki “was always just very, very supportive,” he said. “The things these guys go through, I think no one could understand. You’ve got a high divorce rate among coaches who spend a lot of time with their sport. And it’s a big help getting it [the trip] paid for because a lot of coaches spend more money than they make on their kids.”


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