Wilmington’s Pro-Life Prayer Vigil in photos

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Religion News Wilmington

Deep passion fueled Pastor Tony McGhee’s words as he spoke Saturday about what he believes is a national erosion of religious freedom embodied in legalized abortion.

In his speech at the 19th New Hanover Pro-Life Council’s Prayer Vigil for Life, Wilmington Christian Center’s pastor said he blames the continuation of legalized abortion on the policies of President Barack Obama’s administration.

“We have a radical administration in office today that despises Christianity,” he said. “Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad America has matured enough to elect a black man to the highest office in our country. I’m just telling you he was the wrong black man.”

About 50 people attended the rally Saturday in Riverfront Park on Water Street in downtown Wilmington.

Abigail Reimel, a co-coordinator of the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh‘s Cape Fear Deanery chapter of Teens for Life, spoke about her experience recently at the national March for Life in Washington.

“I think a lot of times in our good intentions to save the baby, we don’t care enough for the woman,” she said. “We are a movement of love, and we want to encompass these women in love, especially those who are so sorry for their abortion and are suffering with their decision.”


5 responses to “Wilmington’s Pro-Life Prayer Vigil in photos

  1. Richard Sceiford

    Freedom of assembly and speech are cherished tenets of the constitution, even if it allows for absurd and patently false statements like the one made by the pastor. Sure it’s just another iteration of the tired conservative trope that President Obama is an “other,” not from this culture who “despises Christianity” – but it’s his right to say it and the right of narrow-minded people to believe it.

    However, and that said, if this pastor utilizes this kind of rhetoric from the pulpit in the confines of his church during Sunday service then he is walking a very fine line. He cannot directly advocate for one candidate or, by inference, advocate against another – but that is what he is doing here. If he does this in church then his church needs to be investigated and their IRS non-profit status revoked.

  2. I agree completely with what Richard Sceiford said above. We do have freedom of speech in this country. It is written in our Constitution. We also have laws of many kinds in this country. They are written in books based on our Constitution and have evolved over well over 200 years. Women have a right to abortion, to own their own bodies, and to do what they individually believe to the best for themselves, their family and the pregnancy. In addition, the tax advantages provided to those who wish to practice a religion and congregate are long and wide. It behooves those who partake to think twice about partisan politics. President Obama is a professed Christian, but he also is an educated man and is a Constitutional lawyer. He is no more to blame for the circumstances surrounding one woman’s pregnancy than you or the Reverend are. We either have a nation of laws or we have chaos. We must support the separation of church and state, and we must support the rights of women to control what happens with their bodies. Don’t think you have the right to tell another what to do; and, I am certain, that you would not wish another to tell you what to do. Do unto others…..

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  4. Thank you both for reading and commenting!

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