A new name for Religion News Wilmington

Dear readers,

To get you all prepared for our professional site launch in the spring, Religion News Wilmington is unveiling its official name.

This week, we’re changing to Wilmington Faith and Values or WilmingtonFAVS.

That’s FAVS pronounced with the long ‘a’ like craves or raves.

This url will work just fine and will forward to the new url, WilmingtonFAVS.com.

And if, for some reason, there’s a techno-glitch, don’t despair. Just check back with us a little later, and we’ll have it all worked out.

The new logo will give you a taste of the slick design that our professional site will have once it’s launched in a few months. To give you an even better idea of what our site will look like, check out the redesign of Religion News Service’s web site.

Keep an eye out for the name change. So many great things are coming with the professional site design for Wilmington Faith and Values!

And keep scrolling down for the latest local and regional religion news.

Until then, thank you for reading,

Amanda Greene, Editor


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