One Brave Christian Experiment – Day 4, Clarity

Editor’s Note: Contributor Christine Moughamian is blogging each day of Lent about her progress becoming “one brave Christian.” Follow her experiment on Twitter @1bravechristian.

By Contributor Christine Moughamian

“To do it or not to do it?”

That is the question all persons wanting to become brave Christians have to answer.

We all have our points of resistance, and for me, it’s definitely been Sam Teague’s 5:30–6 a.m. meditation requirement. In fact, when I interviewed author Stowe Dailey Shockey yesterday for a future post, that’s the first question I asked her. She’s written about trying the brave Christian experiment.

“How did the 5:30–6 a.m. commitment work for you and your group?”

She laughed then said: “Immediately, immediately, it was clear that it did NOT work for anybody.”

I sighed with relief.

She repeated, emphatically, “Immediately!”

For Stowe and her prayer group members, it conflicted with their families’ school schedules. For me, with yoga.

Stowe recognized that “an early ritual of meditation quiets the mind for the rest of the day.” She recommended to “do whatever you can.”

I considered it a blessing from her to proceed at my own pace.

After the interview, a second blessing came in the mail: the long-awaited Sam Teague’s practice booklet.

I read it today, Saturday.

It’s titled “The John Wesley Great Experiment!” after the church in

The John Wesley Great Experiment! booklet. Photo by Christine Moughamian

Tallahassee, Fla., where Teague began a series of lessons in 1965 for the Christian Home-Builders Class, known as “Building a Life that Matters.”

The cover features a calendar page for Sunday, Jan. 24, “that historic day” when Teague prayed this prayer:

“Dear God, show me the way to motivate these young people to build a life that matters.”

Teague recalls “Suddenly, I sat up and began to write. I wrote furiously, for the ideas came to me clearly and with certainty.” When he finished, he realized what had happened: “In twenty minutes, God had written through my hand the entire program of THE TEN BRAVE CHRISTIANS.”

I read Teague’s story with joyful anticipation. Clearly, it is the answer to my initial question “How can I serve?.” In his honor, I decided to begin working with his booklet tomorrow, Sunday.

I enjoy the clarity of his writing. Of course, I pay special attention to the early morning time requirement.

Teague is uncompromising about it.

“5. Do insist on the 5:30–6 a.m. (original italics retained) period for daily prayer and meditation. We found no other time of the day or night that produced the results as did this early morning hour.”

Hmm. I wonder whether the exact time is the factor of importance or rather, “putting God first” as he admonishes the participants to do in the experiment.

Tomorrow will tell.

Today, I offer myself to serve God in unexpected yet wondrous ways.

Do you know how you will serve God today?


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