Losing your religion in college?

After Rick Santorum’s comments recently about college education and its affect on faith loss, we at WilmFAVS were wondering:

Did your faith practice lapse in college? How long did it take you to regain it? Or had your faith changed after college?

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5 responses to “Losing your religion in college?

  1. Absurd survey from an absurd source!

    • And Nancy, I would argue it’s never absurd to question.

      • Amanda, I was commenting on who and what prompted your question/survey! It came from a person who has the nation’s attention and says inane things about education and college just to rally a base that is his only support. IMHO, we can’t allow this little man to dictate what the subject of the day is. I don’t object to questioning. I do think that this survey is poorly conceived in the construct of today’s news and views. Just saying….

  2. My faith didn’t lapse, I think it was actually enhanced because I learned about other faiths!

  3. My faith practice waned because as I learned about other Christian faiths, I felt distant from the denomination of my youth. But I don’t think I ever stepped away from my Christianity.

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