Belief Bytes: Wednesday Religion News Roundup

Here is your Religion News Roundup for today:

c. Religion News Service 2012
Reprinted with permission

“As you’ve probably heard, Mitt Romney won big in Arizona and eked out a narrow victory in his native state of Michigan on Tuesday.

Santorum bested Romney among evangelicals in Michigan 51-35, but lost non-evangelicals, including Catholics, in Michigan and Arizona.

Mark Silk’s take: “Those numbers suggest that come next week’s Super Tuesday contests, Santorum should have no trouble picking up Tennessee and Oklahoma, where the evangelical portion of the GOP primary electorate was 73 percent and 72 percent respectively in 2008. But unfortunately for him, he couldn’t manage to make it onto the ballot in Virginia, where, with an evangelical vote of 46 percent, he’d have had a shot. And Georgia appears to be Newt’s last hurrah. So the key state will be Ohio, where the evangelical vote was 44 percent last time around.”

For what it’s worth, Santorum now says he wants to take back that line about JFK’s speech making him want to throw up.”

Read the rest of this article here:

-Samantha Freda, Wilmington Faith and Values news intern


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