Writer reacts to Brunswick County Commissioners marriage amendment resolution

Editor’s Note: The Brunswick County Commissioners are considering a resolution in favor of the proposed amendment to North Carolina’s state constitution about marriage between a man and woman. Their meeting is tonight, March 5.

Bo Dean

By Contributor Bo Dean

What is most stunning for a person of faith about the Brunswick County Commissioners voting on a resolution about the proposed marriage amendment being put to the people on May 8 for a vote, is they are potentially placing the issue on the consent agenda.

For those of you who do not know what that is, a consent agenda is a working body that is basically decided on before the meeting takes place.

While individual board members can pull an item, most often, it is agreed upon at an agenda briefing that these issues have been vetted.

These commissioners are voting on the civil rights of citizens, and here they are even thinking this is a matter not in need of public discussion.

It is, potentially, a done deal. The lives of those they serve have no meaning in such a proposal.

It is extremism. It is an arrogance with a force of will that finds no foundation in the teachings of a loving Christ or a Christ-centered community.

Yet, this resolution exists as a potential for happening and most grotesquely, its justification comes from erroneous understandings. It is the blurring of the lines between what we do as people of faith and what we do in our secular commitments and the imposition of our beliefs on others.

Ironically,we fight this same imposition so strongly with extremists here and abroad. This resolution disposes of care for difference, for understanding and for sharing our world. And most vile of all, it is done in the name of God. Shame.


2 responses to “Writer reacts to Brunswick County Commissioners marriage amendment resolution

  1. After some thought, reading opinions from both sides of the aisle and getting irritated with the local government I’ve crafted a position statement on the topic of “gay marriage” (I put it in quotes since most of the opponents seem to be hung up on the words and really don’t give any consideration to the human beings that are at the root of the discussion.) My statement attempts to diffuse the situation somewhat through a deliberate choice of less inflammatory language.

    “I support spousal rights for same-sex couples via legally recognized unions.”

    Now, I propose that from the point that legal unions between all consenting adults are recognized we mandate that these unions be established by the state (Justice of the Peace) – this means everyone! Then anyone who wants to have their union consecrated in a religious ceremony can do so as they see fit. At that point we have removed religion from the creation of a legal entity and everyone should be happy!

  2. Good editorial, Bo! And to Kit above, I completely agree! This is how our system should be reformed, absolutely. Well said!

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