Catholic bishop greets media in the Port City

Bishop Michael Burbidge gives an interview to a News14 reporter after a media luncheon in Wilmington. Photo by Amanda Greene

Wilmington Faith and Values

Getting to know the area’s media and chatting about some of the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh‘s upcoming initiatives was the goal of a media luncheon today with Bishop Michael Burbidge in Wilmington.

The bishop spoke of the capital campaign to build a new cathedral in Raleigh. In his six years as bishop, Burbidge has dedicated five churches and founded a Catholic high school in Greenville.

Burbidge also spoke of the failed attempt to start a Wilmington-based Catholic high school.

“We had the land. We were ready to go, but we needed the students and we just got much fewer than we needed,” he said, adding the Wilmington Catholic high school is on hold for now, and no other high schools are currently being planned in the diocese.

He also spoke of the opening of the diocesan cause for sainthood on Friday for Father Thomas Price, a Wilmington native.

“This is a very thorough process,” he said of the Vatican’s vetting of Price’s life and deeds. “We are so blessed to be the host diocese. But it could take years and years.”

Part of the diligent process required for sainthood includes proof of miracles resulting from a person’s praying for intercession from a proposed saint. The diocese is forming a Father Price Guild to distribute prayer cards to educate diocesan members about the priest’s life.

The bishop said he knows of one person who’s already begun praying to Price for intercession. A diocesan seminarian with an inoperable brain tumor, Philip Johnson, has been praying to Price for help in his healing, Burbidge said.

“The good news is his tumor has stopped growing,” Burbidge said. “This young man believes in God’s will for his life.”


One response to “Catholic bishop greets media in the Port City

  1. We are blessed with a great Bishop in our Diocese of Raleigh! He’s full of love and wisdom and our family prays for him daily, along with all our priests, religious, and seminarians.

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