Meet the Rev. Jenny Wilson, our women in ministry contributor

The Rev. Jenny Wilson is an innovator. Whether creating an entire video series for each day of Advent or a new service to celebrate Ash Wednesday, Wilson is switching things up at Wrightsboro United Methodist Church in Castle Hayne.

And as you’ll see from her first post as our women in ministry writer, though she’s a Georgia native, she’s no Southern flower. There’s “fire in her bones,” as she says.

Learn a bit more about Rev. Wilson:

“The Rev. Jenny Wilson is married with two children and one grandchild. She’s a former elementary and high school teacher working with students with below average reading abilities. Her steps toward the ministry included being a director of Christian education and then children’s ministries. She attended Duke Divinity School for her ministry degree. Jenny grew up in Georgia, the daughter of a Georgia state trooper. In those days, they moved troopers around like Methodist pastors, so she’s been moving all her life. She came to North Carolina over 17 years ago to go to Duke Divinity School and fell in love with the people and the state.”

Welcome Rev. Wilson!


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