The fire in my bones

By Contributor Rev. Jenny Wilson

I am the oldest of three in my family.

When I was a preteen, I wanted to help my Dad mow the lawn. Though I was three years older than my brother, he was called upon to help – not me.

My Dad, as progressive as he was for those days, offered up the politically correct answer of the day to my mowing query – “You can’t help mow. Girls don’t do that. Help your Mom with the grocery shopping instead.”

Obedient child that I was (insert smile), I went to the grocery store with my mother. As I pushed the cart up and down the aisle, I realized how similar that action was to mowing.

Push the mower down the yard; across the yard. Push the mower back up the yard…umm.

It certainly seemed to me that the only difference was what one pushed – a mower or a grocery cart!

The days of gender bias are somewhat behind us now. I can mow AND buy groceries and so can my husband. But in spite of many years passing since the “Can I mow?” question, I find our planet still dealing with gender bias issues.

That’s instead of living into the idea that our gifts, talents, skills and abilities impact what we can and cannot do, so much more than gender.

The title of this post comes from the writings of the prophet Jeremiah –


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one of my favorites.

Sometimes I tell myself not to think about you, LORD, or even mention your name. But your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent. (Jer. 20:9 CEV).

Jeremiah had a rough time proclaiming God’s word in his day. What he found out was no matter what happened, no matter what God asked him to do, no matter what people said or did, or how hard he tried to get out of being used by God he could not avoid doing what God wanted him to do. There was this “fire, burning in his bones” that transcended all.

I’ve got a “fire in my bones.” So please don’t tell me girls aren’t supposed to be pastors. If there’s a problem or question about it…take it to God. It is the Lord who called me and the Lord whom I serve.


What do you think?

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