GUEST COMMENTARY: In family planning and politics, what is the true “Christian” decision?

Editor’s Note: M. Lynn Shoemaker-Younce is a Democratic lobbyist living in Wilmington. She’s helping to plan a protest of the New Hanover County Commissioners’ decision called “A Protest for Responsibility” Thursday (March 15) in Riverfront Park downtown Wilmington.

M. Lynn Shoemaker-Younce

By Guest contributor M. Lynn Shoemaker-Younce

The question I asked after the arguments, explanations and excuses surrounding the New Hanover County Commissioners’ decision to reject a family planning grant from the state was why do “Christians” think their beliefs are morally superior to those of others?

Whether they should be or not, politics are embedded in all religions, and most especially in the neo-conservative variety of Christianity, which I will refer to here as “Christianity.” It appears to me that this kind of political Christianity is a throwback to the oppressive Church of England from which our English foremothers fled.

Since 2004, I have heard propaganda from the right saying Democrats have no family values, no authentic Christian values and are fundamentally godless.

To them, liberals are immoral. And, it appears now that many women, liberal and conservative, are being treated by elected conservative officials as immoral people if they do not follow the moral and/or religious beliefs of those righteous, right wing males.

Women are losing ground. It also appears that women who are educated, self-sufficient, thinking citizens are feared by male conservative officials, who prefer to keep their women “barefoot and pregnant.”

True Christianity doesn’t really have a place in conservative politics. If one follows the teachings of Christianity –or any religion, I think–and behaves accordingly, then she commits to a life of aiding the poor and the oppressed without judgment. Remember the Bible story of the Good Samaritan?

Regardless of one’s beliefs, unconditional love is the core of all relationships. I am not “feeling the love” from elected Republican men in our community, state or nation. As a woman, I feel more disenfranchised than ever. True Christians do not force others into their beliefs. In a free society and, in accordance with the First Amendment, they cannot.

I am tired of the judgmental, name-calling and the blatant assumptions and condescension of “Christian” men who want me to be a good little lady and do what I am told is best for me as woman, a lover, a wife, a mother, and a citizen. Their so-called “Christian” values are not mine. We women seem to be the latest casualty of a war started by men who apparently do not understand women are real people and are equal to them under the U.S. Constitution.

I will be voting for those who understand my values as a woman who contributes selflessly to family, community, state and nation.


2 responses to “GUEST COMMENTARY: In family planning and politics, what is the true “Christian” decision?

  1. These myopic politicians are not Christians, they’re misogynistic hypocrites who give real Christians a bad name. They despise and disrespect poor people but don’t connect the fact that no contraception results in more of the same poor people they detest, more tax liability, (and more abortions!). Who’s running the show here–critical thinkers or fundamentalist idealogues?

  2. Carol montgomery

    Those who follow the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, whose life was the model for Christianity, know full well that the disciple to whom he first appeared after his death was a woman. He admitted women to his circle of followers, broke Jewish law by standing and talking with a woman to whom he was not married and touching many in his healings. How long is this pointless debate going to continue? If you are a Christian, then follow the example and treat women and men with honor and respect.

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