One Brave Christian Experiment: Day 22, Obedience school

Editor’s Note: Contributor Christine Moughamian is blogging each day of Lent about her progress becoming “one brave Christian.” Follow her experiment on Twitter @1bravechristian.

By Contributor Christine Moughamian

Would you ever break the law and commit a theft or a crime?

Or would you ever defy the law of gravity? Would you pretend you’re a bird or a superhero, jump off the roof and expect to fly, not fall?

I’ll venture to say you probably would not. We all know there are some laws that should not be broken or even “bent a little.”

Yet, there is a law we might all have attempted to bend, break or defy.

In my “brave Christian” scripture, Isaiah called it “God’s covenant.” He warned its transgressors in chapter 28:9:

“He who closes his ears from hearing the law, even his prayer is an abomination.”

How could a prayer be “an abomination?”

A prayer becomes an abomination when it violates “God’s covenant,” the law that governs the universe.

The Hindus call it the Law of Karma.

The Law of Karma states that for every action, there is a reaction. When we hold a positive thought, positive vibrations come back to us. When we perform a good deed, good comes back to us.

Likewise, when we hold negative thoughts or do wrong, we find ourselves caught in a web of negativity.

Common sense simply says: “What goes around, comes around.”

The universe is a boomerang!

Problems arise for us when we put out negative thoughts and expect a positive result or even blame someone else for the return of our actions. Such mental or emotional behaviors are “abominations” to the one who knows the Law.

Are we doomed to repeat erroneous behavior forever?

The answer depends on whether or not we want to go to obedience school.

We have the teachings of the masters such as Jesus Christ and the Buddha. We have books such as the Bible and the Bhagavad Gita. And we have a playground: our lives.

Learning to obey the Law can even be fun, like a game.

The Cosmic Karma Game Christine found - and resisted buying - at Old Books on Front Street. Photo by Christine Moughamian

This afternoon, after my service at St. Mary Catholic Church’s Tileston Social Outreach, I went to Old Books on Front Street. I needed time alone to think about today’s post, God’s covenant and the Law of Karma. I ordered a piece of cherry pie and browsed through the shelves.

Then I saw it: the manifestation of my thought, a large box emblazoned “Cosmic Karma.”

I wanted to purchase it, but the price was too high for me. Instead, I was tempted by a set of greeting cards titled: “Shopping is the New Jogging.”

Won’t you join me and play?

“Browsing with Cherry Pie is the New Obedience School.”


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