Up on the roof

Principal Joyce Price visiting a St. Mary Catholic School class before ascending to the roof. Photo by Amanda Greene


“Were you the ones who put me up on the roof?” asked St. Mary Catholic School’s principal Joyce Price.

She was standing in Alyssa Valente’s second grade classroom, her blonde

Principal Joyce Price chats with students before going to her roof post on March 19. Photo by Amanda Greene

hair in curlers and wearing a bubble gum pink bathroom robe.

And it was all in the name of motivating her students to read, read, read.

Last week, during the school’s book fair, Price challenged all of St. Mary’s students to read 20,000 pages in one week. The prize: she would spend a whole school day on the roof in her pajamas.

Well, with a challenge like that, her students took her challenge and tripled it. They read more than 67,ooo pages in one week.

Joyce Price up on the roof of St. Mary Catholic School in March 19. Photo by Amanda Greene

“It’s been almost like a TV-less week here,” one St. Mary’s teacher said. “Everyone’s been reading, even the older kids.”

Once she was on the roof under a red tend, Price shed her bath robe,

sporting pajama pants. A little girl ran by on the playground below, yelling: “I like your tent!”

One little girl stopped her kickball game to ask: “What’s on your pj’s?”

“They’re little French poodles,” Price yelled down. “Do you have a dog like that?”


2 responses to “Up on the roof

  1. I just love this blog! It’s a great reminder on how important it is for school administrators to get excited about school wide events.

  2. Thank you for reading! And please like us on Facebook and come back soon!

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