Belief Bytes: Tuesday’s Religion News Roundup

Screen shot from FOX News debate session about President Barack Obama's faith. Courtesy of RNS.

Here is your Religion News Roundup for today:

c. Religion News Service 2012
Reprinted with permission

“As Illinois heads to the polls, Rick Santorum is answering questions about a Sunday rally in which a pastor said: “We don’t worship Buddha! I said we don’t worship Buddha, we don’t worship Muhammad, we don’t worship Allah, we worship God, we worship God’s son Jesus Christ.” Pastor Dennis Terry said people who don’t like it can “get out!”

Santorum said Terry was “speaking for himself” and “obviously, I believe in freedom of religion and all religions are welcome.”

WaPo takes a long look at Santorum’s ties to Opus Dei.

President Obama says that Fox News viewers “hear Obama is a Muslim 24/7,” according to journalist David Corn’s new book, “Showdown.”

Fox anchorman Brett Baier responded on his show last night: “For the record, we found no examples of a host saying President Obama is a Muslim.” How about guests, anchorman?

French authorities are still looking for the gunmen who killed four at a Jewish school and apparently videotaped the attack.

Read the rest of the article here:

-Samantha Freda, Wilmington Faith and Values, news intern


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