Meet David Scott, our politics and religion writer

Meet David Scott, our politics and religion writer.

He and his wife, Donna, have been married 34 years and live on Lake Waccamaw.

He retired at age 57 after working in a family wholesale business for 30 years. He graduated with a degree in biology and has always been a nature-lover and an outdoorsman. His first love is sailing. He holds a Captain’s license and sails at least three times each week during the summer. He is a Vietnam War veteran but despises war and what he believes it says of the human condition.

Scott is a voracious reader and is particularly interested in the politics and religion interface and the influence Christian fundamentalism has had on American politics.

He feels very passionate about the concept of Voluntary Simplicity and is a lifelong environmentalist. He grew up as a Methodist before discovering Unitarian Universalism. Scott also considers himself a Humanist.

Welcome, David!


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