One Brave Christian Experiment: Day 31, Medicine man

Editor’s Note: Contributor Christine Moughamian is blogging each day of Lent about her progress becoming “one brave Christian.” Follow her experiment on Twitter @1bravechristian.

By Contributor Christine Moughamian

This “brave Christian” couldn’t wish for a better scripture this morning: Psalm 23.

After I read it in “The Book of Psalms Illustrated,” I listened to it interpreted by one of my favorite jazz singers, Bobby McFerrin. Inside his “Medicine Music” CD case, I found the autographed program of his concert I attended in 1990 in Boulder, CO.

I’ve kept it all these years because that night, I was on stage with Bobby McFerrin.

I was healing from injuries I’d sustained in a car accident, but when he asked for volunteers to join him on stage, I jumped off my seat.

Bobby McFerrin wrote his version of the psalm while thinking of his mother.

He kept the gender in the opening verse but then changed it throughout:

The Lord is my shepherd; I have all I need.

She makes me lie down in green meadows;

Beside the still waters She will be.

She restores my soul… and fills my heart with song.”

Along with yoga, his music brought me back to health.

And so Bobby McFerrin became, for me, a true “Medicine Man!”

Christine's Bobby McFerrin memorabilia. Photo by Christine Moughamian.


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