Wilmington Catholic Radio…and it’s not just for Catholics

By Contributor Tracy Bua Smith

With all the misunderstandings, assumptions and confusion so many have about the Catholic Church, our local Wilmington area is blessed with a resource to clarify church teachings and discuss relevant issues in our everyday lives.

No matter your faith background, Wilmington Catholic Radio, 92.7 FM is a guaranteed way to know exactly what the beautiful Catholic Church preaches and teaches.

Recently, I interviewed one of the founders of Wilmington Catholic

Wilmington Catholic Radio's logo. Photo courtesy of Wilmington Catholic Radio.

Radio, Bill Hamilton.  My questions are in bold print with Hamilton’s answers below each question.

What exactly is Wilmington Catholic Radio (WCR)?

WCR is a low power FM radio station. Low power means the Federal Communications Commission limits it’s broadcast power to no more than 100 watts. It is the first and only Catholic radio station in North Carolina and started broadcasting in July 2004.   Its primary mission is to provide an easy way for Catholics to learn and better understand their faith and for non-Catholics to learn the truth about what the Catholic Church teaches. The station also provides up-to-date information about what’s going on in the church and in the culture.

How did WCR get on the air?

If it wasn’t for the blessed Virgin Mary there would not be a Catholic radio station in Wilmington. While attending a wedding in New York, my sister happened to give me an audio tape about the apparitions of Mary. After listening to it, I wanted to learn everything I could about the apparitions. Over time, I developed a deep love for Jesus Christ and his church that I never had before. I had a great desire to help others learn what I had learned, and I was even thinking about trying to get a Catholic program on one of the local Christian radio stations. Then one day, I got an e-mail from the Mary Foundation which said if anyone wanted to start a low power FM station, they needed to contact Relevant Radio. Finally, after a year and nine months, the FCC construction permit was issued. The permit gave us 18 months to get the station up and running. If we did not meet the deadline, the broadcast license would not be granted. We met the deadline with about one month to spare.

How have you seen the Holy Spirit use WCR to change hearts?

WCR has done everything we have envisioned. One woman told us it has helped her learn more about her faith and the importance of going to confession. It has also encouraged her husband to once again go to Sunday Mass.
After listening, one non-Catholic approached a priest and asked him if he would hear his confession. Another non-Catholic said he learned Catholics actually believe in the Bible and Jesus Christ. Another man said he entered the seminary in large part due to listening to WCR.

I notice that as a drive through different sections of Wilmington, WCR does not come through clearly and I hear another station instead.  Why is that and will this problem be resolved in the future?

Being a low power FM station, we are only guaranteed solid local coverage of a 3.5 mile radius from the transmitter location which is near the intersection of Carolina Beach Road and Third Street. Anything beyond that is subject to interference. We have plans to move to a different frequency, hopefully this year.

What is WCR in need of currently?

What we need is intercessory prayers that we can obtain a better transmitting facility.

Here is the link to pictures of the station on our web site:
What does the station look like?

For more information about Wilmington Catholic Radio and for information about their show schedule and topics, please visit their website HERE.

Be sure to tune into Wilmington Catholic Radio, 92.7 FM and be blessed!


4 responses to “Wilmington Catholic Radio…and it’s not just for Catholics

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Tracy. Its incredible to see that picture of the “studio.” I thought, wow, look how much God can do with so little. WCR is an incredible resource, it has been a constant source of growth and inspiration for me since I moved here just over two years ago.

  2. Thanks Andy Lee for stopping in to read about WCR and for your kind comment!

  3. Hi Alex,
    Thank you for stopping in to read this post and for your comment. I learned so much about WCR after interviewing Bill! I hope through this post, many more people, Catholic and non-Catholic, will tune in to listen!

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