Steel walls arrive for the new Coastal Christian High School; students embrace site with prayer chain

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After years of waiting, students, teachers, administrators and church officials connected to Coastal Christian High School saw the steel walls of their new building arrive Wednesday (March 28).

“Spread out arms-length, but leave room for Jesus!” yelled teachers as they positioned students around the plot for the 26,000 square foot facility.

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder in a wide circle around their high school plot behind the Myrtle Grove Post Office, about 200 students joined hands, prayed and sang hymns for the success of the construction project.

CCHS Sophomore Madison Ashcraft said she wasn’t sure before today if the new school would be completed before she graduated. The high school has been meeting in Temple Baptist Activity Center since it began in 2006, and the new building is set for completion in January 2013.

“It’s pretty crazy because for so long we’ve been cramped up in that building. It hasn’t been real until I came out here today,” she said.

Principal Kirk Nielsen gave the first blessing of the morning’s prayer service.

“Each and every one of us are living stones of God’s house, and we need to stand as living stones of Coastal Christian High School,” he said.

Concrete footings for the building were poured last week, and school officials expect the walls to be erected in the next two weeks.


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