Belief Bytes: Thursday’s Religion News Roundup

Here is your Religion News Roundup for today:

c. Religion News Services
Reprinted with permission

“The Dalai Lama, a Nobel laureate, can add the Templeton Prize – and $1.7 million – to his résumé.

He’s actually not the sort to indulge himself with the cash, and he didn’t disappoint in his winsome reaction to today’s announcement:

‘I am a simple Buddhist monk, no less, no more, after receiving this award,’ said the 14th Dalai Lama, a.k.a., Tenzin Gyatso, exiled leader of Tibetan Buddhists. ‘Of course more people may pay some attention about my talks, my thoughts, so in that sense, I think, very very helpful.’

Meanwhile in Cuba, a couple of other old guys were yukking it up. ‘What does a pope do?’ 85-year-old Fidel Castro asked 84-year-old Pope Benedict XVI when the two met shortly before the pontiff returned to Rome after his visit to Mexico and Cuba.

One thing the pope will do when he gets back is send the retired leader of the communist revolution in Cuba a book ‘to help him reflect,’ as per Castro’s request. Fidel also wants to know what’s up with those changes in the liturgy. Benedict wants Cuba to declare Good Friday a holiday.

The pope got in a couple of other good lines at his final Mass in Havana’s Revolution Square.”

Read the rest of the article here:

-Samantha Freda, Wilmington Faith and Values news intern


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