Dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight? It takes two to tango.

By Contributor Josh Stephens

We have all heard the saying “it takes two to tango.” While it so aptly applies to the dance, it also applies to life and temptation, especially sexual temptation.

But I am not talking about you and your girlfriend or boyfriend. I am talking about you and the devil.

So often we hear people excuse their missteps by saying the enemy was tempting them. I’ve used it myself. While I firmly believe there is an enemy trying to steal, kill and destroy us, I also think there is part of the equation we so often ignore. And that is the person looking back at us in the mirror every morning.

We fail to accept the responsibility of our decisions because we know there will always be a way out – blame Satan. Satan is real, and he is active here on Earth, but he isn’t the only one we should blame. We have to accept some responsibility sooner or later.

Satan tempts us to compromise our standards and go against all we know we should do. But, we also make a conscious decision to cave into these desires. We make the conscious decision to sleep with that person. We make the decision to let our hands and eyes wander to places where we should not lay them. And it is us who choose to act on these desires.

The enemy thrives on these times in which he dances with our sexual

desires. He knows that he can win. That is, unless we switch dance partners.

See, while dancing with the devil can prove to be instant gratification,

Tango dancing - Vincent and Maryline

Tango dancing - Vincent and Maryline (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

there is someone who will give us eternal gratification. When we dance with Christ and get to learn his steps and his moves, we will be able to say no to the enemy.

When we find ourselves dancing with Satan, we will be able to realize his steps are different than those we have already learned. We will be able to tell something is wrong, and we can run back into the arms of God. Because it is God’s steps in which we will find comfort, peace and fulfillment.

Get into his word. Spend time with him. Grow in him so that, when Satan asks you to dance, you’ll turn the other way.

Satan as Antichrist

Satan as Antichrist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


10 responses to “Dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight? It takes two to tango.

  1. Satan is the mythical scapegoat that many Christians use to blame their sins on, much like an alcoholic blaming his addiction on alcohol instead of his own weakness and lack of self-discipline. And like in alcoholism, “Satan-blame” is just another form of denial, allowing the alcoholic and the sinner to have “one more drink.”

    • David and Nancy. Did you read the whole thing? If you did, this should look familiar –> “Satan is real, and he is active here on Earth, but he isn’t the only one we should blame. We have to accept some responsibility sooner or later.” Does this sound like a scapegoat when he is taking part of the blame? And what if the Devil tempting you is a metaphor for adolescent sex drive? Does it really sound so crazy then? By the way, David your comments and over-generalizations about Christians have no place here if you do not do your homework. There are countless Christians that do not even believe in Satan. I applaud Josh for wearing his beliefs on his sleeve.

  2. Josh Stephens has every right to believe anything he so desires, but the “Devil?” Really? This is the Christian’s scapegoat, as David suggests! This article is just another example of deluded thinking just like those who believe that abstinence is the only birth control needed. Because the Devil is tempting you? Sorry! It is your hormones, your sex drive, and yes, you can control these instincts, but it has nothing to do with the Devil, only to your sense of respect for yourself and the other person. If you have the correct information, you can make intelligent choices. We all know right from wrong, but it has nothing to do with religious beliefs. It has everything to do with fact-based education, love of yourself and others, and ultimately, survival.

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  5. The issue at hand is the reality of mankind to not accept full responsibility – man up – you screw up you man up

  6. WalkbyFaithNotBySight

    It’s not a matter of “manning up”, but it is a decision to take responsibility for your choices, because ultimately yes, Satan is going to tempt you (and if you don’t believe in Satan and you’re Christian, do your homework and read the Word), but it is also your choice to give in or to resist that temptation. It does take two to tango. And if you’re not a Christian, and by all means, everyone is allowed to believe what they want, but that doesn’t mean you should go verbally attacking other people, calling them delusional… I would say making broad assumptions about Christians would also make you just as delusional. By no means, no Christian is perfect, and if they say so, they’re lying. Everyone makes mistakes, whether it be with alcoholism, infidelity, or promiscuity. But the difference is that as Christians, we believe we have a loving God who will forgive us for our wrongdoings (because we are only human). Being a Christian is not about being perfect, or constantly falling into traps and blaming it on everyone but yourself, it’s about a constant walk with God. Sometimes we may stumble, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get back up. Also, if you actually read this article, it’s not about “satan-blame”, it’s about realizing that Satan is going to tempt you and making a conscious choice to stand against it and wear the armor of God.

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