Packed crowd for annual Wrightsboro Living Cross Easter cantata

A scene with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in The Living Cross drama on Palm Sunday (April 1) Photo by Amanda Greene


No seats could be found inside the sanctuary at Wrightsboro Baptist Church for its annual Living Cross Easter drama on Sunday (April 1).

And the centurions were getting restless — standing outside the church

The centurions and members of the crowd in Jerusalem wait for their entrance. Photo by Amanda Greene

practicing their most menacing “Grrrs” while waiting for their parts at the end of the drama following Jesus Christ’s life, ministry, death and resurrection.

But the 3-month-old actor playing Baby Jesus just slept serenely through his part in the spotlight.

The performance features a 50-member choir singing 19 songs and standing inside a huge cross-shaped choir loft on stage overlooking the drama of Jesus’ life below.

The drama’s cast is also huge including about 100 community members.

The free Living Cross performances continue at 7:30 p.m. on April 3 and April 6 at the church, 2736 Castle Hayne Road.

Details: 910-763-3181

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One response to “Packed crowd for annual Wrightsboro Living Cross Easter cantata

  1. I missed the April 3rd performance but I am looking forward to the 6th. Can’t wait!

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