Meet Lynn Heritage, our peace writer

Meet Lynn Heritage, our peace writer.

She’s a North Carolina native and lives in Carolina Beach with her husband, Dave, and their dog, Sadie Mae. As a mom, grandma, sister, aunt and friend, Heritage believes her love for the people in her life is reason enough to take a stand for peace.

After retiring from the corporate world five years ago, Heritage volunteers twice a week in a first grade classroom at Gregory Elementary School and at the Lower Cape Fear YWCA as a facilitator for “What’s Wrong With Different,” an anti-racism program.

She’s also the coordinator of the Southeastern Chapter of International Grandmothers For Peace, which celebrated its fifth year last year.

Moving so close to the ocean opened her heart in ways she never anticipated and because of it, she’s found the courage to travel inward to connect with her spiritual center. Peace is her mantra because “the thought of peace… the hope of peace…the belief in peace and, most certainly, the need of peace is paramount in my soul. When I breathe in the spirit of my mantra, p-e-a-c-e, it resonates with all that is me.”

Welcome, Lynn!


One response to “Meet Lynn Heritage, our peace writer

  1. I am so happy to see Lynn as a new contributor to WFAV. She is a wonderful addition as she speaks from her heart and soul, and I look forward to reading her posts! Write on, Lynn!

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