Cape Fear Community College Food Drive ends April 13

Andy Lee

By Blogger Andy Lee
Walk the Talk

When we think of helping the needy in our community, our minds gravitate toward feeding the hungry. It is a growing need. According to the Central and Eastern North Carolina Food Bank website, “In the counties served by the Wilmington branch, over 61,000 individuals are at risk of hunger; over 18,000 are children and 12 percent are 65 years and over.”

There are many ministries and nonprofit organizations all over Wilmington trying to help meet this need. Many of these organizations are food pantries.

Have you ever wondered where the food pantries get their food? It doesn’t fall from the sky. (Not this time.) Food pantries often buy food from the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.

That begs another question: Where does the food bank get its food? Answer: In part, from donations from businesses and food drives sponsored by organizations like Cape Fear Community College.

Cape Fear Community College’s Student Government is sponsoring the college’s first food drive to benefit the food bank through April 13. Bring your food donations to Building L-112 on the Wilmington campus or to the lobby of the North campus’ McKeithan Building.

Participating in CFCC’s food drive will play a role in providing for our regional food bank and thus help feed the hungry in Wilmington.

Take time to click here to read the motivational letter written by a participant. His letter makes me want to drive to CFCC today with a bag full of food!

Read more about our regional food bank here.

Food pantry volunteer, Ricky Roundtree, loads a cart with bags of food to move out onto the main floor area of Holy Grounds Feb. 10. Roundtree and other food pantry volunteers gather every Friday to do the final preparations for the food pantry. Photo by Sara Clark


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