Churches join forces in an Easter egg hunt for the elderly

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Andy Lee

By Blogger Andy Lee
Walk the Talk

Silly rabbit, Easter egg hunts aren’t just for kids!

On Saturday (April 7), a perfect day for an egg hunt, Water of Life Lutheran Church  and Covenant Moravian Church combined forces to bless both the young and old with an Easter egg hunt held at Trinity Grove Nursing Care.

Pastor Rachel Connelly is passionate about involving everyone, so she didn’t miss the opportunity to combine her two congregations as well as the very young, the elderly and those with special needs. Together, they shared in the joy of the famous Easter egg hunt tradition.

All participants, both children and residents, gathered in a circle to hear “The Tale of Three Trees” read by local author, Joseph Sisk.  The Easter Bunny then hopped in for a visit and led the children and residents to their hunt. Baskets were quickly filled to overflowing as the children found the colorful treasures and shared them with the residents. Smiles abounded on both smooth and wrinkled faces. It was indeed a sweet

Wellington family with Marie Parks pose for a photo. Photo by Andy Lee

treat to witness their camaraderie.

“This is the best Easter I’ve ever had!” said one of the Trinity residents after the eggs were all gathered. After all of her years, this one Easter egg hunt became her favorite memory.

One child told Pastor Rachel she loved having the Easter egg hunt at Trinity Grove because she could tell it made the residents happy. What a wonderful gift to give a child – the joy of serving.

Well done, Pastor Rachel.


2 responses to “Churches join forces in an Easter egg hunt for the elderly

  1. Yay Water of Life! Praise God for you! Praise God for Pastor Rachel. So glad to see the Gospel of new life being shared in a new way with all ages!

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