‘Jesus Culture’ in the sand

Tony Soto, 21, and Bonnie Cambron, 19 try out a few yoga poses at Wrightsville Beach. Photo by Christine Moughamian

Christine Moughamian

By Blogger Christine Moughamian
One Yogini, Many Paths

On Tuesday (April 10), I went to the South Point at Wrightsville Beach.

I needed to take a long walk to the jetty. At a turn around the dunes, I noticed a young couple practicing what looked like a yoga posture. They were struggling in the sand, trying to tackle “The Crow,” a difficult arm balance, with both knees bent above the elbows.

I came closer, gave them tips on how to get in the pose and hold it. When they succeeded, I gave them two thumbs up and continued on.

Upon my return, half an hour later, they were still “playing Yogis” in the sand.

When the young woman stood up, I noticed her T-shirt. It read: “Jesus Culture.”

This Yogini thought it rather sweet for two young Christians to embrace yoga.

I asked them if they were practicing for a yoga class, but the young man said: “We’re just playing around.” His girlfriend said she’d taken only one yoga class before, “but that was a long time ago.” They didn’t even know the names of the postures they’d gotten into.

I told them: “Yoga teaches itself, just follow your breath and steady your gaze.” Then, I taught them another balance posture, “Tree Pose.”

Before I left, I took their photo. I asked their names, but no one had pen and paper. So I told them to write in the sand: “Tony Soto, 21” and “Bonnie Cambron, 19.”

What a serendipitous moment of “Jesus Culture” and yoga on the beach!

Tony Soto, 21, and Bonnie Cambron, 19, wrote their names in the sand. Photo by Christine Moughamian


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