Duke Energy CEO stands against marriage amendment while N.C. bishops re-state their position for it


In front of hundreds at a Charlotte country club on April 13, Duke Energy’s CEO made a personal statement against a proposed amendment to the N.C. constitution that would define marriage as between a man and a woman.

Such unions are already illegal in the state, and the issue will be put to a vote on May 8.

Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers compared the amendment to the Jim Crow laws in the South and said the law would be viewed in a negative light within the next decade.

Rogers is one of several high ranking North Carolina business and community officials to publicly denounce Amendment One including Charlotte mayor Anthony Foxx.

On the opposite side of the debate, bishops of the Diocese of Raleigh and the Diocese of Charlotte recently issued statements re-affirming their position for the amendment.

“The public debate on the marriage amendment in our state is generating a substantial amount of misinformation on what the amendment truly means and is intended to do,” said Bishop Peter Jugis of Charlotte and Bishop Michael Burbidge of Raleigh. “Contrary to the claims of those opposed, the marriage amendment: Does not prohibit businesses from providing benefits to same-sex couples. Does not change the law on domestic violence programs. Does not impact existing child custody laws or arrangements. Does not invalidate trusts, wills and end-of-life directives in which an unmarried partner is a beneficiary and/or is entrusted with the care of a loved one. Does not negatively impact employment opportunities in our state. Does not relegate same-sex couples to second-class citizen status. Does not prohibit same-sex couples from any rights or benefits that may be granted by local governments or the UNC System, if they choose to do so by changing the basis upon which benefits are offered.

While the amendment does not allow civil unions or domestic partnerships to be legally binding entities, it does allow same-sex couples and others to enter into, and enforce, private legal agreements.”


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