MedMob: Meditation and drumming for peace

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Christine Moughamian

By Blogger Christine Moughamian
One Yogini, Many Paths

On Sunday, April 15, I joined eight persons at Greenfield Lake for MedMob, a monthly hour of silent meditation and drumming for world peace.

MedMob originated in Austin, TX, to bring silent meditation to public places. According to their official website, the name refers to “flash mob,” a group of people who meet “in a crowded public place for the purpose of engaging in a coordinated, unexpected, inspiring activity.”

Their mission statement is all-inclusive:

“Our intention is to create an environment for people from all religions, all world views, and all experience levels to join together in meditation. Our vision is to continue inspiring world-wide meditations until the entire world is invited to join – literally!”

After an hour of seated silent meditation, participants may stretch then engage in 11 minutes or longer of “sound bath.” The Austin group’s 200 participants have chanted “OM” under that city’s capitol building dome, nicknamed for the occasion “the OM Dome.”

On Sunday morning, at the initiative of drummer Perry Smith, our group drummed a simple beat on African drums. I was given a double-drum. My hands moved in rhythm with the deep bass sound.

Eyes closed, a smile on my face, I felt connected to the beat of our hearts, the pulse of the Earth.

When we were done, I asked my friend Elena Pezzuto about the purpose of the monthly gathering. She said: “We meditate for individual peace, community peace and world peace. Come join us!”

The Wilmington MedMob has met in front of a high school shaken by shooting, on the steps of the courthouse and other places of tension around town.

When we talked about the depth of our experiences afterwards, it seemed the name “MedMob” didn’t do it justice. Pezzuto proposed “Meandering Meditators.” We also agreed meeting once a week, in a park, might be good practice.

Participant Pat Reynard explained to me: “It’s anchored where love and light are needed.” Reynard stood up strong, feet firm on the ground, then added: “I am planted. I am here.”

Another participant, Elaine Wilson, said: “It’s grounded with mechanical support.”

I could attest to that feeling of “groundedness” during our meditation. After only a few moments of deep breathing, I felt both calmed down and uplifted. For a moment, I felt I was more than just “peaceful.”

I WAS peace.


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