Belief Bytes: Tuesday’s Religion News Roundup

A piece of the Buddha’s skull is on display in Hong Kong, the first time the relic has been shown outside mainland China. Photo courtesy of RNS.

Here is your Religion news roundup for today:

By David Gibson
c. Religion News Service 2012
Reprinted with permission

“Suspected child abusers in Orthodox Jewish circles shouldn’t have their names revealed because of the “tight-knit and insular” nature of the community, argues Brooklyn’s DA.

Charles Hynes said Orthodox communities are so familiar that identifying the suspects would likely identify the victims.

Oklahoma authorities are investigating whether the executive director of The Voice of the Martyrs, an international Christian ministry, killed himself amid allegations he’d molested a 10-year-old girl.

Jews in Hollywood are standing by Mel Gibson despite his past, ahem, issues with anti-Semitism and his current brouhaha with screenwriter Joe Eszterhas over their “Judah the Maccabee” project.”

Read the rest of the article here.

-Samantha Freda, Wilmington Faith and Values news intern


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