Get Involved

As you read this, journalists and web specialists are perfecting the new templates for Wilmington Faith and Values, our official site name.

When it launches, Wilmington Faith and Values will be brimming with daily faith news and trends from our region and nation. But the real magic of this site is with you, dear readers!

We need readers who are deeply engaged in an area of faith to become our community bloggers.

Are you a passionate pro-lifer? Blog about it!
Do you have a strong belief in the separation of church and state? Blog about it!
Do you believe that the second coming of Christ is near? Blog about it!

At its core, this endeavor is about education. Helping our neighbors understand the origins of our diverse beliefs, even if they don’t agree, is important to living harmoniously and democratically in this world.

If you’re interested in being a community contributor, write to Amanda Greene at or call 910-520-3958.

2 responses to “Get Involved

  1. I think you should do a feature on the Kairos team entering Pender correctional April 12-15. Fred Cerequas 524-4848

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