Our writers

Meet the wonderful contributors to Wilmington Faith and Values!

We love our writers!  Please contact us if you would like to write a regular column or just answer a faith question occasionally. (910) 520-3958

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed by Wilmington Faith and Values contributors in no way represent the views of Wilmington Faith and Values’ news staff, its parent organization or partner media outlets.

Christine Moughamian, our world faiths contributor

Steve Lee, our Buddhism and activism contributor

Tracy Bua Smith, our Catholic family life contributor

Victoria Rouch, our paganism contributor

Philip Stine, our Bible contributor

Laura Frank, our religious arts contributor

Pastor Clay Ritter, Bible teaching contributor

Diana Pasulka, our religion and education and American Catholic history contributor

Jenny Morris, our Christian life coaching contributor

Elizabeth Terry, our sacred places contributor

Jennifer Johnson, our mindfulness contributor

Han Hills, our humanism and atheism contributor

The Siegel-Benders, our Jewish family life contributors

Bo Dean, our LGBT issues contributor

Pastor Jeff Kapusta, our church planter contributor

Andy Lee, Christian service contributor

Samantha Freda, Wilmington Faith and Values intern

Amanda Greene, local editor and community manager for Wilmington Faith and Values

Sara Clark, our multimedia faith contributor

Cynthia Barnett, our Christianity and health contributor

Josh Stephens, our relationships contributor

Pastor Ben Griffin, our life issues contributor

Rev. Jenny Wilson, our women in ministry contributor

Gwenyfar Rohler, our books reviewer

David Scott, our politics and religion contributor

Fran Salone-Pelletier, our spiritual purpose contributor




Lynn Heritage




Samantha Smith



2 responses to “Our writers

  1. Using What You are Good at to Glorify God
    I Peter 4:10-11
    So often when the church makes strong efforts to involve the
    entire flock in church work, many members are known to say;
    “If I had a talent or a gift I would gladly get involved.” What
    many fail to realize is that they already have the talent or gift
    needed to get involved. Consider what you do to make a living
    and bear in mind, God will not task you if he did not think you
    could do it. (Romans 12:5-8). You are a: Salesperson, therefore
    you are a talker and persuader, you will be good at greeting,
    inviting, teaching and Evangelism. Counselor, therefore you are
    a listener and advisor, you will be good at comforting and crisis
    intervention and grief work. Teacher, therefore you are a instru-
    ctor and motivator, you will be good in educating, mentoring and
    lesson plan development. Customer service, you are a people
    person, you would do well as a greeter, and van driver. Medical
    professional, you are caring and sacrificial, you will work well in
    nursing home visits and providing wellness information. Food
    service, you like to serve people, you will do well with fellowship
    meals and in home get togethers. Administration, you like organ
    ization and communication, you will do well in clerical, web-site
    and media. Management, Banking and Finance, all of these
    prepare you to assist the leadership in church management.
    Landscaping and Housekeeping go hand in hand with building
    and grounds upkeep. Look, God knows your place in the kingdom,
    he is preparing you while you earn a living. BAG

  2. I plan to promote your organization throughout the family of Seamen’s Centers we network with. Ron Casterline BOD Chairman, International Seamen’s Center of Wilmington NC.

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